Great, yet tired, expectations

Day 34: I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept jerking myself awake.

Talking it over with a coworker this morning we couldn’t decide if it was the pot of coffee I drank yesterday, the very large and important presentation our team pulled off or the fact that I blew off my very young yoga practice and instead sat around coloring and reading blogs late into the night.

Day 34: Zen Mandala for my niece Malorie
Day 34: Zen Mandala for my niece Malorie

I was not the brightest grownup and my delinquency led to a very yawn-filled Wednesday. But creativity did still happen on my part. I was once again “drawn” to create a Zen Mandala. Finding the quiet corner of my home office perfect for wrapping up the day.

I found creativity outside while having dinner with two friends this evening. Our work commitments now keep us more apart than together, but we found ourselves with a rare evening in the same proximity so dinner at Annie Gunn’s in Chesterfield was required.

The “Wow” appetizer became our entire meal and for good reason.  It was served on a board basically the size of our table. I love the creativity of the items selected (all Chef’s choice) and the manner in which they were presented.

Day 34: The Wow appetizer at Annie Gunn's
Day 34: The Wow appetizer at Annie Gunn’s

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