Three reasons I choose creative

Day 53 (Year of Creative Habits): Three reasons to adopt a daily creative habit.

#1 – You can’t take yourself too seriously…really, when you’re lost in a bunch of acrylic paint and completely enamored with the mess you’ve created, that’s requires relaxed thinking.

Day 53: Playing with color
Day 53: Playing with color

#2 – Your brain stops twirling around and around on things it can’t change. Concentrating on a Zentangle, or a knitting pattern, or a Pysanky egg takes all of your focus off your worries and give your brain a little break.

#3 – You stop, if just in the tiniest of ways, worrying about what other people think. Posting your daily work on a blog or Instagram is giving everyone sitting in the “cheap seats” the chance to criticize and evaluate. Let ’em. If you’re happy, who cares. And, tomorrow, you’re making something new that they can either like or take a shot at…it won’t stop your progress.


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