Don’t look too close, plans change

Day 54: I’m not a fan of winter weather. Snow, sleet and freezing rain make me antsy. I feel trapped and worried.

I gambled that the weather wouldn’t become too hazardous this evening, choosing to stay in Washington, Mo., rather than head home early to Neosho, four hours to the west. It still might be fine, but without a distraction I would wear out every weather app within arms reach, checking to see if the green on the radar had turned to blue.

Day 54: Varnished and winter weather distraction
Day 54: Varnished and drying…my winter weather distraction

My best distraction is Pysanky. Tonight’s design was not what I first sketched out, nor was it what I had planned for this particular egg for the last few weeks.

Once I began working on the repetitive pattern, what I presumed would be relaxing turned out to be tedious.  The dyes didn’t take to the shell to the degree I anticipated either.

Regardless, it’s now varnished and done. I’m happily distracted, ready for bed and reminded that creativity is not perfection.

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