So many favorites…

Weeks ago, I mentioned this blog to a friend who responded, “How fun! We can all share pictures of our favorite earrings with you!”

Sounds like a plan! Here are three of my favorites – all created by San Antonio jewelry artist Scarlette Dove. I bought the pair on the left during a trip to Texas three years ago and the pair on the right specifically to wear following the surgery.

Instagram: @scarlettedove
Instagram: @scarlettedove

Ask me about my earrings is my opening line. It will be my way of marking the post-surgery days. Each new day will find me showcasing a favorite pair of earrings.

Show me your favorites!

Created by Hobart Design Group


  1. I’d love to send you some earrings, but I don’t have a mailing address.
    They are woven wheat from some gifted Kansas wheat weavers. Yes, wheat weavers. Try saying that three times fast. Wheat weavers, wheat weavers, wheat weavers….


      • Cool. I have the earrings on my dresser waiting for you. Every day I didn’t see a blog entry I grew a bit more concerned. But then I took a “deep, cleaning breath”, as a yogo devotee friend used to advise.

        So here I am. Snowed in, but thrilled that I get to share the wheat weavers art with you!


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