Beautiful synchronicity

My iPhone has a mind of its own. Dropping my phone into my purse or accidentally sliding it across a hard surface will activate Apple Music to being playing songs from my library.

Earlier today, after knocking several items off my desk, I heard the familiar bass guitar beat of one of my favorite songs Turn It On Again by Genesis. Earphones in and volume up, I enjoyed a quick 3 minutes and 52 seconds of 80s power chords.

I’ve said before that if I were a professional baseball or softball player, my “walk up” music would be the intro to Turn It On Again. (Funny to even articulate, given I need a probe in my brain to walk a straight line!)

Regardless, that song looped in my thoughts throughout the day and into my regular eight-week appointment with my neurologist. Following a quick debriefing on my most recent deep brain stimulator (DBS) experiences, I was surprised to learn he would be adding a channel to my power selections.

I now have Channel A, my original setting, and Channel B – a lower power frequency/voltage that alternates between two different probe locations other than Channel A.

My assignment for the next two months: try out the channels and respective ranges. Perhaps one will work best for busy days, while the other best suits sleeping. Options are now the name of my game. Cue the walk up music.


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