Creative Awareness

Day 10: My year of creative habits experience has opened up my awareness to the cleverness and creativity around me.

Day 10 - Coloring Day, progress
Day 10 – Coloring Day, progress

Granted last night I attended the highly personalized wedding of a writer and a public relations grad – in an art gallery no less. But every where I looked there was something, or someone expressing themselves by their words, jewelry or poise that was clever and fun and engaging.

Also – I had a knitting dream last night. I have dream-knitted in such a long time. When I’m working on an intricate knitting project, I’ll often dream about a particular portion of the pattern, especially if its something that’s given my difficulty during the day.

This shawl isn’t tough but I’m unsure of the upcoming “bind off” and last night I dreamt of how it will work out. I love that type of creative problem-solving.


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