Pysanky and Johnny Carson

Day 12: Tuesdays are Psyanky days. I’m able to easily concentrate on my creative work and in turn enjoy some good insights.

Day 12: Tonight's egg, waxed, before dye bath and varnish
Day 12: Tonight’s egg, waxed, before dye bath and varnish

When I was little I had an active imagination. I was also very outgoing, very talkative.

I’m 50 years old and can remember what a treat it was to sometimes stay up late and watch Johnny Carson. I was certain one day I would be “on” the Johnny Carson show. I would “play interview” like some little kids played school. If asked why I was certain I would one day be on The Tonight Show, my reply would be “because I’m Lori!” followed by a look of bewilderment at whatever adult was so addled they couldn’t understand.

Somewhere in grade school I lost the outgoing/talkative nature and became incredibly quiet and introspective. I also developed the very bad habit of being my own worst critic.

I write the above paragraph to put in context that these first 12 days of the “year of creative habits” have been very beneficial in that I’ve tried very hard to squash the inner, ugly voice and just create. In turn I’ve found that I don’t react to other’s criticism, real or imagined, quite as strongly.

On days like today, with back-to-back deadlines and projects not quite coming together as planned, that’s a welcome realization.

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