Color me clueless…

Day 27: I’m a painting newbie. I’ve written before how I was inspired by a local art exhibit to try my hand at painting with acrylics but the last time paints and brushes were available to me must have been in elementary school.

Day 27: Surprised by the colors
Day 27: Surprised by the colors

So…color me clueless. I bought a color wheel and am fascinated by the mixing and muddling of the colors. Tonight I seriously considered finger painting and can state with a fair amount of confidence that at some point within the year that will happen.

When I knit there’s a set pattern that must be “obeyed” or you have a lopsided garment. My favorite Pysanky egg patterns are very traditional and geometric. Once again a pattern that’s measured off and penciled-in before the wax is applied. Even Zentangles have repeating patterns.

This painting process, in its free form, in constantly surprising. It’s very close to the time I was working through NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer’s Month) and had a set number of words I had to produce each day. I would often be surprised, even delighted, by the dialogue and activity of the character in my novel. The same thing is happening with painting.

I’m letting go, simply enjoying the process, watching the colors unfold.

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