Let’s consider flowers…

I’m participating in A Ladies’ Night Out with Heart, presented by Mercy Cardiovascular Services, Tuesday, February 12, from 6-8pm. I’ll be painting a large watercolor floral “mash-up” while the event takes place. It will be one of the items raffled.

Last night I was practicing painting various favorites of mine. What flowers do you think should I incorporate? Agapanthus, hydrangea, ranunculus, sunflowers….? I have never met a flower I didn’t like.

This practice painting was 9 x 12. The night of the event I’ll be painting an 18 x 24 watercolor – lots of room for lots of blooms.

Would love to learn your favorite flowers to plant or paint!

If you’re in the Joplin area and would like to attend, you can find additional information at mercy.net/LadiesNight

This event benefits Rapha House, an organization helping women and children victimized by sex trafficking.


  1. One of my favorites is the tiger lily. I could see the top left red flower mixing in with some purple and yellow flowers for a beautiful bouquet. But the I am the color-blind one, so my suggestions may be way off. LoL

  2. Penny’s are such a Beautiful an fragrant Flowers and are Beautiful with Double Roses…. but I Love Your Practice painting…. Beautiful 🌹

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